Open Space on SneakersShow 2017

Would you like to meet your favorite customizers, collectors, bloggers, and discover all secrets of their success? On June 24-25, you will hear answers to the most unexpected and challenging questions within Open Space at Sneaker.Show.

Dmitry Egorov, MC and specially invited guest of Sneaker Show, will talk to our experts. He is known among hip hop fans as Gabonskaya Gadyuka.

Dmitry always encourages the development of sneaker culture in Russia and abroad: he has led the editorial office of Sneaker Freaker’s Russian magazine version and spoken at major thematic events as an independent expert and partner. Currently, the speaker is issuing his own K.E.D. magazine.

24 of June at our open Space, Dmitry Egorov will communicate with such exclusive sneaker culture representatives as Maggi, Arthur Bochkov, Gena Kakusha, Alexander Kuliev, and Nikita Pasichny!


Maggi is the owner and designer of his own clothes and shoes brand – BOGATO.Sneaker community knows him as a cool sports shoes customizer. Currently, Maggi is the only Russian customizer included to world’s top ten according to Sneaker Freaker authoritative publication.

Topic: What does customization means?Maggi will show how to customize sneakers and turn them into a real masterpiece based on the examples of his own works.


Artur Bochkov is a professional designer and customizer of sports shoes from Minsk. He knows how to turn an old and unremarkable pair of sneakers into an exclusive one.

Topic: How I became a customizer. Arthur will tell the audience how he has got involved in this activity, share his plans for the future and reveal what one should expect in the sneaker industry.


Gena Kakusha is a professional skater who has devoted his life to this culture.

Alexander Kuliev is a skateboarding expert and skater with 14 years of experience.

Guys are professional riders of the Union Skateboarders team and representatives of Pirozhki Wheels. Within Open Space, they will reveal secrets of their successful activity, talk about their favorite sneakers and talismans they keep near at any tournaments.


Nikita Pasichny is a video blogger and founder of the same-name YouTube channel. He highlights the most interesting sneaker industry releases and events. At Sneaker.Show, Nikita will tell guests about his favorite collections, the latest industry news and just answer the question: “How’re you doing?”


On the second day, June 25, our MC will talk to such sneaker culture representatives as Alexey Barkhan, Efim Glazkov, and guys from Sneakergeek.



Alexey Barkhan is one of main Russian graphic designers. Due to the successful cooperation with local streetwear brands, he started successfully developing in this sector. Currently, Alexey can boast a collaboration with RedBull, Converse, and Adidas as well as a lot of implemented projects from Helsinki to New York.   


Efim Glazkov is a professional sneaker photographer. He works every day to present popular sneaker models in the best possible way. You can look at photographer’s works on his website or on Instagram.   



Sneakergeek is a popular Russian-language project dedicated to sneakers. Day by day, the team of real professionals prepares the latest industry news. Recent releases, famous collaborations, announcements of new collections can be found on the website of these cool guys!     

A while back, they have partnered with Arseny Svistov’s channel and are going to reveal fresh news of the sneaker world with the same enthusiasm and passion. Project founders will tell the audience about these issues and others at our event.



Valera Good Foot is a sneakerhead and sneaker blogger. He has been collecting sports shoes for 9 years. Valera has his own blog on YouTube dedicated to sneakers where he talks about new releases and stories of various collaborations. Recently, blogger has focused on the Instagram account (ValeraGF), posting cool photos of sports shoes and streetwear in St. Petersburg.