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Year by year, sneaker culture gains more and more followers all over the world. Collecting sneakers is no longer a hobby for them but rather a life purpose: they wait for new releases, look for the latest industry news, and, surely, constantly buy their favorite sneakers!   
Sneaker.Show exhibition will allow all sneaker lovers to discover the latest novelties from well-known sports shoes manufacturers, to communicate with customizers and to see professionals’ exclusive works. Our participants include Solemate, Tyoma Maier, Artur Bochkov, Vladofootwear, Saucony Originals, and Street Wave.    

Vladofootwear is a popular brand of young lifestyle clothes and shoes, coming from Los Angeles. The company has been existing for 14 years. Due to special design of its products, high-tech fabrication technologies and unique combination of various texture materials, Vladofootwear has established itself as the brand god for millions of dancers.          
Vladofootwear supports various dance industry initiatives, thus it often sponsors the largest dance events, such as Hip-Hop International USA (HHI USA), Urban Street Jam (USJ), VIBE Varsity and Adults, as well as MaxD Out, Juice Dance HipHop Festival, Versa Style School Tour, SHowDon LA, Gr818 Flava of the Year.


Saucony Moscow is Moscow’s first shop based on Saucony Originals format, offering limited and exclusive sneaker releases. Saucony Originals also has limited collaboration models.      
#RussianSauconyTeam will present its own collaboration and exclusive model collection, deserving a special attention of every sneakerhead. The #RussianSauconyTeam collection includes more than 500 pairs of Saucony Originals limited edition. Moreover, these guys own world’s greatest Saucony Originals collection!         
At Sneaker.Show, Saucony-Moscow will present classic sneakers as well as Spring-Summer 2017 and Autumn-Winter 2017 models.  


Upgradez Shop is a rapidly developing brand of breakdance and hip hop youthful clothes. The shop was founded by the B-boy for those engaged in breakdance.    
Guys support hip hop culture development and provide winners of Russian and foreign breakdance and hip hop battles with gifts. The event will allow all attendees to see, test and buy breakdance outfit and hip hop clothes by Upgradez Shop. 


Street Wave is a creative workshop, united under its wing talented and fashionable artists of the capital, known for their works on sneakers Nike and Adidas.

Customization of brand shoes, clothes (jeans and leather jackets), hand-painted bags Hermes and Celine, as well as the creation of art objects, design objects and interior elements - it's all Street Wave.

Main persons of the project:

Artist Sergey StereoBoogie. Sergei works in mixed technology, combining elements of Pop-art, street art and geometry. In his paintings he adds various textural elements (film, audio cassettes, vinyl records, etc.) Being in constant search of new ways of image transmission, Sergey began to paint his sneakers, which subsequently developed into a favorite thing.

The artist Olya Cindy from childhood is close to art - her parents are famous artists. Having received a specialized art education, Cindy worked in a team of famous clothing designers, but the large scale of production did not allow the young talented artist to emphasize the individual approach, the meaningfulness of design and its uniqueness, which, according to Olga, is the most important aspect in creativity. In her works, Olya develops a symbiosis of fashion, art and nature. The artist is known for her large-scale oil paintings and wall paintings in the style of realism.

Galya Pistaletka is the creator, inspirer, motor and heart of the project. Having traveled half the world - from New York to Bangkok - she brought together the mosaic of the reality of modern times, which combines craft and art, artists of different styles and styles and a new understanding of contemporary art, making the exclusivity accessible to the masses. Galya Pistaletka is a producer and businesswoman who made art not only accessible - but part of everyday life, giving our contemporaries a new feeling and reading of the Beauty.

Protestant - The representative of the Ural ART derives his inspiration from the urban environment of Yekaterinburg and other original cities of the world. The adept of hip-hop culture, nihilist, rebel and anarchist - the artist stands for honest creativity as it is and transfers it into his drawings on sneakers, jeans and expensive leather bags. We like how his Art in a hyper-realistic manner looks on the limited models of Nike or iconic Puma!

The team of Street Wave creates a unique design on the items of the wardrobe both in design and by the request of the client. The main distinguishing feature of SW is the unique technology that was worked out during the drawing process. Each item is painted manually with professional paints with the use of specialized paints for drawing and fixing the picture. The picture is not erased and does not fade with time. To create a complex design, a layout is pre-created, which is approved with the client.

The main "chip" of the team is the manual drawing sneakers. Shoes in general became an object of art, and not just the subject of a wardrobe, according to which everyone learns about a man. Due to the artists who embody their creative ideas, painting each pair of shoes by hand, each of them becomes a unique art object, unique and desirable. And sometimes even worthy of being exposed to the Museum!

"Many people assure - customization and personalization of goods is a thing of the past. We are sure of the opposite, the future is for things that customers can create themselves to create. "- Galya Pistaletka

Street Wave makes art a part of everyday life, and fashion is not an imitation, but a means of self-expression.





Solemate is a community of professional experts and sneaker lovers. 
Guys actively participate in sneaker events and support a huge amount of specialized activities.  
Solemate produces and issues high-quality sneaker care products, cooperates with collectors and athletes, provides cleaning services for all kinds of sneakers.  


ledsneakersshop.ru  is a team of enthusiasts which has been selling luminous sneakers in Russia and CIS for over a year. Hundreds of people were seen wearing the sneakers in their cities. Guys have tested products made by lots of manufacturers to offer young and creative people a wide and unique range of luminous sneakers, gadgets and accessories. Thanks to these sneakers and other luminous products, you will find yourself in the spotlight. LedSneakersShop gives you a chance to become “a star” in one evening. The company provides men, women and sportsmen with luminous sneakers, headphones, glasses, caps, bracelets, earrings and other accessories in lots of variants. Wear them with pleasure and stand out from the crowd together with LedSneakersShop! 
“Don’t blame darkness. Become a little source of light yourself”. Bernard Werber 
You can find us in social networks:
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/ledsneakers_shop/ 
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ledfashionshop.ru/ 
Online shop of luminous sneakers, accessories and gadgets http://ledfashionshop.ru/ 
Online shop of luminous penny boards http://ledpennyboard.ru/


LECHARLATAN was founded in 2013, in Moscow. They have produced a few models of socks, knee socks, T-shirts and products made in collaboration with Russian painters, designers and brands such as Creepy Crawlc, Simachev Hooligan, Volchok, etc.

The heart of LECHARLATAN’s collection – socks with tags and ironic captions reflecting the spirit of times and helping you to stand out from the crowd. The brand actively promotes products on Russian and foreign markets and you can often see them in magazines, on the Internet and TV. Socks with the caption “MIR” were even mentioned in the WISE BOYS’ song.

At the beginning of 2017, the brand posted a video announcing a new model “StrogyYunosha. The video got 100 000 views in Vkontakte in a week.

The website and social networks:


Customizers who will attend and participate in Sneaker.Show include:  
Maggi is the owner and designer of his own clothes and shoes brand – BOGATO. He has developed collections for Black Star Wear and cooperated with Russian celebrities.      
Sneaker community knows him as a cool sports shoes customizer. Currently, Maggi is the only Russian customizer included to world’s top ten according to Sneaker Freaker authoritative publication.      
Besides, Magomed can be referred to as a true sneaker collector: his collection consists of hundreds of pairs of sports shoes. And he shows no sign of letting up.        

Artur Bochkov is a professional designer and customizer of sports shoes from Minsk. He knows how to turn an old and unremarkable pair of sneakers into an exclusive one.        
Artur’s stand will present his best works for the sneaker community. Customizer will also bring his sewing machines used for creating real sneaker masterpieces. Everyone interested could try to design a brand new sports shoes model under the careful guidance of the specialist.      

Tyoma Maier is a young and prospective customizer. Now, he can be easily referred to as a true sneakerhead: his collection includes around 50 pairs of sports shoes.    
He gained the first customization experience by customizing Nike Air Jordan 4. The model proved to be really unique and unusual. He understood that it is cool to wear exclusive sneakers and receive positive feedback from the experts, so it is worth developing in the direction.



A spectacular event, stunning demo zone, incredible activities, thousands of likes in social media… Sneakerheads, we are waiting for you!