Sneaker.Show: we will host the Breakdance Battle 2x2 among the best b-boys in Russia!

Sneaker.Show: we will host the Breakdance Battle 2x2 among the best b-boys in Russia!

On June 24, Moscow will host the battle among the best b-boys in Russia as part of the Sneaker.Show!

Take your favorite pair of sneakers and compete for fame, recognition and a huge prize fund: the winners will receive 20 000 rubles! And you will be able to celebrate your victory straightaway by buying new sneakers at the exhibition!

Dj VLAD FM, a representative of BMT and M13 teams, will make cool beats during the battle! MC BEATMASTERT, a member of BMT and PRZ teams, will be the voice of the battle. We are also glad to present the main judge that will decide the fate of winners – MISTA P from MAFIA 13.

The participation fee comprises just 500 rubles. Moreover, you will be able to freely attend the exhibition for two days. Registration for participants is available here.

At Sneaker.Show, you will enjoy two days of cool street dances!

Register and participate!


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