Novelty from Adidas: do you want the same sneakers as Bill Murray’s?

Novelty from Adidas: do you want the same sneakers as Bill Murray’s?

Adidas has presented new sneakers Rom Zissou inspired by the film The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. Currently, they are available at the price of $254. One can buy them on the website of Wes Anderson, the film director.

The sneakers look like the shoes worn by the main character, played by Bill Murray. The release was dedicated to the music festival We Love Green, where film composer Seu Jorge will take part.

Novelty from Adidas: do you want the same sneakers as Bill Murray’s?

In general, the design combines different colors and materials. Creators tool white, blue and dark blue colors as a basis, adding contrast yellow laces and soles. There is a sign saying ‘Zissou’, the surname of the film’s hero, on the sides of sneakers.


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